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“As inflation continues to become a chief concern for both retail and institutions, we will continue to see the unique properties of DeFi and smart contracts gain adoption. Generally, blockchains and the assets built on them are the solution to an increasingly unpredictable world.”

Sergey Nazarov is a mysterious yet highly influential figure in the crypto world. He cofounded Chainlink and SmartContract projects, which are revolutionizing the cryptocurrency industry, with LINK’s oracles being key to powering DeFi & Web3 technologies. His commitment towards decentralization has earned him much respect from his peers, who often speculate on whether he might be Satoshi Nakamoto himself.


Sergey Nazarov, the reclusive creator of Chainlink and proud son of engineering parents from Russia, has quietly been computing since his formative years. Despite never sharing his place and date of birth publicly, we know that he moved to New York with his family in the early ’90s,

Sergey Nazarov developed an early passion for both strategy video games and exploring the inner workings of cathode ray televisions, assembling them like a complex puzzle. Despite venturing into technology from childhood, Sergey decided to pursue Philosophy and Management at New York University (NYU). After obtaining his degree, he continued in academia as an associate professor alongside Lawrence Lenihan – CEO of a renowned venture capital firm – where he had interned. His experience within the firm saw him involved in multiple investment rounds, such as those concerning Pinterest & Riot Games..

Sergey’s roots in Russia provided the foundation for his partnership with QED Capital, a venture capital firm connecting two vastly different countries. His knowledge and experience were reinforced when Bitcoin saw an impressive $30 jump in 2011—a spark that motivated both Sergey and the company to explore cryptocurrency, particularly mining operations. Sergey eagerly jumped on board and started cloud-mining Bitcoin blocks shortly thereafter.

QED Capital took blockchain technology to the next level, creating a revolutionary new Secure Asset Exchange (SAE). This platform is one of the first decentralized applications available and provides users with trustless peer-to-peer transactions through smart contracts on a network of more than 100 nodes. With this breakthrough platform, QED has enabled global access to value exchange using cryptocurrencies.

Sergey Nazarov, Co-Founder and CEO of two projects founded in 2014, made a strategic move to acquire the necessary Internet domains ( & that would launch his groundbreaking ventures years later; even as far back as 2008, he had already allegedly secured through an email address – demonstrating foresight into the success of this trajectory!

In 2017, Chainlink took the blockchain world by storm. Led by three of its founding members Steve Ellis, Ari Juels and Sergey Nazarov in June with a well-defined whitepaper for their revolutionary network of oracles to bridge real-world events into smart contracts via external APIs and IoT devices, it attracted over $32 million during its ICO launch that same September. Fast-forward to today: thanks to Chainlink’s pioneering technology, we can now bring trustless data from off-chain sources straight onto any given chain – paving the way towards greater decentralisation!


Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that connects smart contracts on the blockchain with external data and events. Oracles are an essential part of many blockchain systems, as they provide the bridge between the blockchain and the outside world. Chainlink aims to create a secure and reliable connection between smart contracts and the data and events they need to function properly. This allows developers to build complex and powerful decentralized applications (dApps) that can interact with the real world in a secure and trustless way.

Chainlink has earned its place as one of the most prevalent and essential elements in crypto, with a staggering 1’000+ projects integrating their oracle technology since 2017.

Chainlink has seen huge success in its hackathons and external partnerships. Their Spring Hackathon boasted 140 project submissions from over 4,000 participants – a feat surpassed by Fall’s 7500 sign-ups with 280 projects submitted! On top of this awe-inspiring engagement level, they have partnered with world-renowned organizations such as The Associated Press (AP), AccuWeather , Amazon Web Services(AWS)and Google Cloud Platform, among many others. With all these efforts put forth, it is no wonder why LINK token has become one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies on the market today

This revolutionary solution for bringing external data into programmable smart contracts has become so necessary to DeFi that Vitalik Buterin is calling on industry titans like Uniswap (UNI) to switch over and decentralize further.

In 2021, Chainlink made groundbreaking progress with Hybrid Smart Contracts. This state-of-the-art technology melds on and off-chain data to provide the security of a blockchain platform while taking advantage of non-blockchain functions. To expand these advances even further, Keepers were deployed across Ethereum, Polygon and BNB Chain networks – custom bots that expedite complex DeFi transactions like liquidations or harvesting yields.

Chainlink is introducing a new Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) to revolutionize the future of crypto and smart contracts with cross-chain solutions. Leading this effort, Chainlink envisions that CCIP will become a foundation for their Programmable Token Bridge which can assist in connecting hundreds of blockchains together – allowing an unprecedented number of transactions across networks. To back up these efforts, they have brought on some heavy hitters: Eric Schmidt from Google; Jeff Weiner from LinkedIn ; Balaji Srinivasan former CTO at Coinbase as advisors. With billions locked away DeFi platforms worldwide over the coming year, we expect great things from Chainlinks innovative approach!

Is Sergey Nazarov, Satoshi Nakamoto?

With coder Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity still shrouded in mystery, a new potential reveal has come to light – could Sergey Nazarov, the  founder of Chainlink, be the real Satoshi Nakamoto? Numerous stories have been refuted yet this one persists; is it true that he holds the answer or does another saga lie ahead for fans awaiting an unmasking?

Sergey Nazarov, the highly secretive founder of Chainlink’s oracle network – a critical link in data-driven smart contracts, is getting increasingly spotlighted following claims that he may be ‘the real Satoshi Nakamoto’. In recent presentations and interviews, Nazarov has been discussing how Chainlink will continue to meet the needs of an ever-expanding DeFi market. But what we found particularly interesting was when he unintentionally revealed his decade-long experience within blockchain technology during one of these engagements – before quickly trying to cover it up!

Sergey Nazarov’s (SN) involvement with, registered on October 25th, 2008 and Satoshi Nakamoto (SN) issuing the first Bitcoin whitepaper six days later could be seen as more than mere coincidence. Could Sergey be behind this revolutionary form of digital currency? The evidence would suggest that it is not impossible!

Sergey Nazarov’s relationship to blockchain smart contracts dates back to 2008, when the domain was purchased using an email ID associated with him and Chainlink Network–emphasising his long-standing expertise in this field.  In June 2020, Michael Kapilkov from Columbia University-IBM Blockchain Accelerator verified an intriguing link between Bitcoin’s origin code and a Russian proxy IP address (87,251,146), which was also used by a user named “Sergey” for posting hotel reviews in 2008/2009.

When Lex Fridman asked Sergey Nazarov the age-old question of “who is Satoshi Nakamoto?”, he responded that it was likely a group instead of an individual. He further suggested that regardless who this mysterious figure may be, their identity should not have any substantial effect on Bitcoin’s value or security. Could it actually be him behind this pseudonym after all these years? We can only speculate about what might genuinely lie beneath the surface for now.


How old is Sergey Nazarov?

As of 2022 Sergey Nazarov is 33 years old.

Sergey Nazarov Networth? 

Sergey Nazarov is a pioneer of the crypto industry, with an astounding net worth estimated at $1.5 billion (October 2022) from his diverse portfolio of successful ventures in multiple industries- making him one of the most accomplished entrepreneurs.

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