Blocksquare and unite forces


Blocksquare and unite forces to Enable Diaspora Communities Access to fractional Real Estate assets. Over 5 million people will soon be able to access tokenized real estate deals and own pieces of on-chain properties.

In line with our vision of reconnecting and enabling globally fragmented communities access to financial opportunities, we have announced a strategic partnership with Blocksquare.

What is Blocksquare?

Blocksquare is a blockchain-based platform that allows investors to purchase tokenized shares in real estate properties. By purchasing Blocksquare tokens, users can invest in fractional ownership of properties, which can provide an opportunity for diversification and reduced barriers to entry in the real estate market.

The token price is determined by market demand and supply and it can be bought through investment platforms and online payments. The current price of the Blocksquare token is subject to fluctuations based on various market factors. If you want to buy blocksquare token, the circulating supply of Blocksquare tokens is publicly available.

Blocksquare is an award-winning company building inclusive infrastructure to transfer real estate assets to the internet. We are teaming up with Blocksquare, to provide our +5M users a simple and safe way to access real-estate deals directly within the upcoming dua in-app wallet.

By tokenizing real estate portfolios, Blocksquare opens up a world of possibilities for companies. This compliant and cost-effective solution allows the conversion of a single property into 100,000 digital blockchain shares.

Diasporas and their investing potential

Money inflows from migrants are at the center of the relationship between migration and development. Remittances are an important intra-family financial flow that affects economic growth. However, they only make up a small portion of the potential private money flows from diasporas. Considerable data indicate that diaspora communities have considerable financial assets and income in other forms. For example, savings and retirement accounts, debt, and equity.

Unfortunately, the current financial system often does not offer the most cost-effective tools to allow underserved communities to contribute financially to the economies of their origin countries by allocating their hard-earned capital easily and safely.

DUA Token – Web3 Gateway for fragmented communities

Since dua’s inception in 2020 and its initial vision of enabling migrants to stay in touch with people from the same cultural background.

We reached over 1.3 million installs and 400 thousand users.

To further expand our presence in the DACH region, we acquired one of the most prominent german dating brands. Today, both apps serve over five million (+5M) users and have built a strong moat against all competitors in the initial local markets.

Along our journey, we identified some of the most significant issues today around fragmented communities. Currently, 1.4 billion people cannot access financial services. Whereas 1.1 billion people have no way of claiming ownership of their identities. Such substantial lack of accessibility limits their potential for economic growth. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a social and economic support system built with first principles to help create a thriving virtual economy where people identify, connect and transact without intermediaries and central authorities.

To overcome these issues, we announced the launch of the DUA token. DUA token is the first utility token to support the new economic system around globally-fragmented communities. Issued by the dua Foundation, it will allow individuals and businesses to earn, send and spend DUA inside the platforms. This way creating an internal economy supporting millions of people.

DUA is an ERC20 token that will be deployed on the Avalanche blockchain.

It incentivizes and rewards users for actions and activities across the dua ecosystem. It acts as a unit of value exchange. The ecosystem allows users to earn and spend their tokens for services inside the platform.

By introducing DUA to the world and following our vision to build the next-gen web3 gateway for fragmented communities, millions of people can get exposed to different inclusive financial services.

“It’s not about the technology. It never was. It’s about the opportunities created for underserved communities that are left behind in many ways regarding financial services. Our partnership with the Blocksquare will bring a new way for users to get access to real estate deals. This completely decentralized and without leaving the app.”

– Ardit Trikshiqi, Chief Payment Officer at

Real Estate and DeFi

Real estate remains one of the most solid and stable asset classes worldwide. The market is estimated to be valued at $326.5 trillion in 2021. This makes it the most valuable store of wealth and more valuable than every other asset class.

Source: McKinsey. Real estate accounts for two-thirds of global net worth. In the U.S. alone, housing stock is worth approximately $43.4 trillion.

We have seen a constant spike in real estate prices over the last few years. Which limits the ability of people to own property.

Real estate and the emerging DeFi have the potential to democratize access to tokenized properties for anyone with internet connection. Only in 2021 blockchain companies tokenized billions of dollars of real estate. Moreover, showing increasing interest in this new stream of investment.

The Blocksquare Ecosystem

Blocksquare’s infrastructure is designed to power 100s of marketplaces across the globe, connecting investors to real estate opportunities in their region.

Blocksquare’s real estate tokenization protocol helps companies like Dua digitize assets quickly and cost-effectively. Additionally, their white label platform gives us a fast way to launch our own marketplace where people can invest in digital real estate tokens!

This will help dua users to access tokenized real estate deals directly from the convenience of dua via Blocksquare’s APIs.

Oceanpoint – a Defi protocol for Real Estate

Through, dua users can open up an additional revenue stream. Real estate owners can gain exposure to crypto by locking in their tokenized properties. However, liquidity providers can earn rewards in BST, the native token of the protocol.

Oceanpoint is a breakthrough in the real estate economy; an open-end DAO running off Ethereum smart contracts that flips traditional restrictions of ownership on its head. With no legal constraints, anyone can participate and jump into the decentralized protocol. You can access Oceanpoint’s docs here.

“Real estate is the biggest asset class in the world, but at the same time, it is out of reach for most people. If Web3 is about creating easier access to value for everyone with an internet connection. This partnership is about creating easier access to real estate investments for every dua user.”

— Denis Petrovčič, Chief Executive Officer at Bocksquare

DUA Capital Raise on Fundrs

The dua Foundation is set to launch $DUA’s fundraising on Fundrs – a peer-to-peer funding platform built by AllianceBlock. We are excited to be the first project on Fundrs and look forward to publishing the whitepaper for the community. Learn more about how the capital raising process on Fundrs works.

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